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When is an Account considered as inactive?
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Author:  admin [ Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:35 pm ]
Post subject:  When is an Account considered as inactive?

We have since the 1:st of Januari 2010 changed the rules for when accounts considered to be inactive.

The following accounts will NOT be considered as inactive, under any circumstances:
- Start-up fee paid, this fee includes 1 year protection from being put offline.
- Private or corporate accounts.

The following accounts can be considered inactive
- Accounts that never have paid start-up fee
- Accounts that have paid fees to be reactivated by 6 months of advertising free (but with the exception of the requirement to log into the main control panel (http://yourwebaccounturl/acp/)
- Accounts that have paid start-up fee for more than 1 year ago.
- Accounts that paid for removing ads in the old ad-removal system

These accounts will be considered as inactive if any of the following occurs:
- No administrator has logged into an application for more than 2 month ago (forums, blogs or cms)
- The Forum has not received at least 2 posts the last 2 months.
- The account founder/owner has not logged into the account's main control panel (http://yourwebaccounturl/acp/) for at least 2 months ago.

We wish to emphasize 2 things:
1: If an application is inactive the whole account is inactive.
2: If the account owner does not log into the main control panel (http://yourwebaccounturl/acp/) with at least 2 months between then the whole account is considered to be inactive.

The reason for the requirement that you should log into the main control panel (http://yourwebaccounturl/acp/) regularly is that this is the easiest way to see if the account is inactive or not, as many accounts does not have any application installed but perhaps just have uploaded files via ftp. Another reason is that by signing in you will see the main news and you can see your account status on the panel's front page.

If you have other questions pertaining to the web changes and the (( deactivating accounts )) and or the cost of getting your forum or account active You can ask them HERE.

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