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Important message regarding all forums!
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Author:  admin [ Fri May 22, 2009 9:34 am ]
Post subject:  Important message regarding all forums!

We have deactivated all forums where no administrator has made an login and no post within the last 2 month. If your forum is missing, please post in the support forum and we will put your forum online again.

Another importing thing is that if you are using phpbb3 and phpbb3 is working fine, you should delete your phpbb2 forum in your control panel in /acp, otherwise your whole account can be suspended when there is no post or an admin logging in to the phpbb2 forum.

From now on you can't access your phpbb2 forum if you have the phpbb3 forum installed.
If you are using phpBB2, you have to delete your phpBB3 forum in your http:{urlofyourforum}]/acp under Applications.

After this and if you don't have any portal installed right now, you should already now try to convert your phpbb2 forum to phpbb3, since the end-of-life for phpbb2 is closing up.

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